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Enterprise Modelling and Performance Optimisation


The primary objective of this consortium is to develop and implement an Enterprise Modelling and Performance Optimisation (EMPO) tool. EMPO will integrate Enterprise Modelling and Enterprise Optimisation so that the decision maker can rapidly identify the risk/reward position of any choice he has to make vis-a-vis a suite of defined key performance indicators.

In this proposal the focus is on Engineer to Order (ETO) and Make to Order (MTO) firms. The complexity of the product life cycle in these industries has been continuously increasing. An integrated Enterprise Modelling and Performance Optimisation tool, such as EMPO, is an enabling technology for both increasing the speed and the flexibility of these manufacturing enterprises, and thus their competitiveness. EMPO will enable practitioners to efficiently create an Enterprise Model and automatically transform this model into an Enterprise Optimiser that will generate near optimal solutions to their required set of performance metrics.

While there are a range of commercial ICT technologies currently available that make a similar claim, in practice these solutions tend to model only small portions of the entire product life cycle. Manufacturing firms have an immediate requirement for Enterprise Modelling and Performance Optimisation that will enable them to deploy their limited resources for maximum economic yield for the entire life cycle of the products it places on the market.

EMPO will be based upon an existing Open Source ERP (ERP5) application. EMPO will comprise of:An Open Source Enterprise Modeller which will enable the practitioner to succinctly describe the Enterprise. An Automatic Enterprise Optimiser Software Generator and a Web Service for model execution will be developed to generate near Optimal solutions to the user specified set of performance metrics. An Enterprise Performance Manager will enable the practitioner to Specify, Evaluate, Diagnose and Improve Performance outcomes.

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