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Computer-Integrated Product-Costing System


The objective of CIP-COST is to develop an integrated set of product-costing software that integrates with and uses data from material management and production planning systems. The software will be aimed at manufacturing companies who produce a substantial number of customised products mixed in with standard products.

Functions addressed by the system will include:

- overhead analysis and allocation and cost driver identification
- identification of limiting factors of production and their cost implications
- identification of unused resources
- profit potential analysis
- analysis of historical data.

To support the costing system, information on factory and cell capacity can be input manually or from existing factory planning and cell scheduling systems.

A pilot demonstration and evaluation are foreseen at a factory in the Stork group, where it is expected that the results will initially, be used in parallel with current product-costing networks. Results of the project will be incorporated in products marketed by consortium members and sold/distributed through a Value Added Reseller Network.


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