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Study of an integrated multimedia electronic publishing environment


The project aims to determine feasibility of a pilot application for the implementation of a multimedia electronic publishing environment to supply multimedia magazines via integrated broadband communication networks. The project will investigate the anticipated advantages of using MHEG. These include platform independence and inter-operability.

The pilot will cover the implications of the use of such standards throughout the information chain.

The SIMPLE project aims at testing the feasibility of a sector specific demonstration project dealing with the implementation of a multimedia electronic publishing environment supplying multimedia electronic magazines via Integrated Broadband Communication (IBC) networks to professionals or members of the general public.

Such an environment must comprise an information chain including production, distribution and retrieval of heterogeneous multimedia data formats in distributed networking architectures. In this respect, the feasibility study will be concerned with improving the usability of information through better methods for the design, creation, dissemination and access to an integrated multimedia electronic publishing environment.

This project also proposes to test the usability of the ISO DIS 13522-1, generally known as MHEG, standard for the interchange of multimedia and hypermedia objects that are independent of the platforms and networks through which they will be delivered.

This project also aims at importing into the TELEMATICS program area some relevant technologies designed and assessed in other European programs such as RACE and ESPRIT.

This feasibility study comprises the production of a report which will:

i) identify the issues and problems, and state the economic and technical conditions for the implementation and development of such an environment,
ii) identify a set of a research tasks to be conducted during the next Fourth Framework Program,
And the design of a prototype, based on the MHEG standard, proving the concepts of independence and interoperability of information products.

In the end, the potential actions which will be proposed as results of the feasibility project aim to enhance the electronic publishing process, increase the interchange capabilities of multimedia electronic information across IBC networks, and avoid multimedia product obsolescence.

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