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Contenu archivé le 2024-06-16

Cabinets of Curosity


Cabinets of Curiosity will dramatically increase national-level interest in contemporary research on environmental issues in Ireland. Using the complimentary resources of three National institutions, we will combine cutting-edge research (University College Dublin), environmental awareness education (ENFO) and a major European specimen archive (National Museum of Ireland). The programme will include a series of eight day-long ?learn-in? workshops, held every two weeks, and immediately followed by a two-week hands-on exhibit installation simultaneously made available through the world-wide web. Each workshop will be hosted by a prominent European researcher whose work involves archive specimens for historical or anatomical framework. Workshop content will be planned with ENFO to enable researchers to communicate effectively with lay-persons, and presented in two to three separate components throughout the day, targeting different age profiles. The eight components will be brought together in a cumulative exhibition with a high-profile launch event, bringing together all specimens used in demonstrations well as the eight visiting researchers themselves. A final eight-part educational package will be disseminated the partner organisations at local and international levels. The whole programme will promote public understanding and support for National research institutions in Ireland. We will inspire and fuel the curiosity of young people: the first step towards constructing knowledge.

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