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Network for the dissemination of knowledge on the management and organisation of large infrastructure projects in Europe


In the White Paper: Time to Decide (2001), the EU addresses the need for a Trans European Transport Network (TEN-T). To create the TEN-T, the EC has invested in the construction of several Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs). Yet the EC has limited possibilities for forecasting and monitoring the effectiveness of these projects: it is unclear which elements in the management and organisation influence the LIPs success. Active European development and knowledge exchange is scarce.

We propose to set up a network for the growing demand for knowledge and that allows the projects to benefit from the experiences of other projects. In addition, the EC will be able to deploy LIPs more effectively. Dissemination of knowledge is organised through the continuous and interactive knowledge network (NETLIPSE). Herein at least the results of the FP projects CODE-TEN, TENASSESS and MEDA TEN-T will be disseminated.

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