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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-14

Evaluation of a highly productive computer controlled microwave barrel ash system for IC fabrication


- To evaluate and demonstrate high availability and throughput, and low cost of ownership of the barrel asher.

- To evaluate substrate surface and gate oxide damage and compare with single wafer ashing systems for different IC process technologies.

- To carry out a final equipment test under full production conditions in the SIEMENS Villach production line.

The performance of the Technics Plasma microwave barrel asher "Plasma-Processor 300-Autoload" is to be assessed in the IC manufacturing line of SIEMENS Bauelemente, Villach. The assessment is to show that the Technics Plasma barrel asher offers the advantages of both barrel (high wafer throughput, low cost of ownership) and single wafer ashing systems (low degree of radiation damage).

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Siemens Bauelemente Ohg
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Siemensstrasse 2
9500 Villach

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