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Extending European information access through mobile libraries

Exploitable results

MOBILE identified target user groups and their information needs in remote communities or other regions where public library services are currently unable to stimulate or meet demand for information. The technical feasibility of introducing a range of information and document delivery services into existing public library networks, through the exploitation of information and communication technology, have been investigated. A prototype, a multi-functional mobile library and an information point have been specified, procured and introduced into three different public library environments. Field trials of the fully-equipped library vehicles of up to 18 months duration have been undertaken in these environments. They have been carefully monitored in order to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of mobile library services under the special conditions of each of the three areas. The results of the MOBILE project include: an assessment of the cost-benefits of further investment in the replication of such mobile information services by other Member governments; the identification of appropriate products and potential risks and benefits; the development of tested specifications for new mobile library vehicle design and for information technology products for use in a mobile library environment; detailed and evaluative analyses of the outcomes of the field trials. Additional information is available from the website

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