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Plant Science Gardens: Plant Science education for primary schools in European Botanic Gardens


PlasciGardens is a project that targets the objectives of promoting young people's interest in science, science education and scientific careers and supports European Union policy aiming for a sustainable development. It is designed to improve plant science education in primary schools through establishing partnerships between primary schools and their local botanic garden.

An inquiry centred, multilingual, multicultural plant science education tool about plant diversity is prepared as an electronically and printed version. It will have 4 parts: a teachers' pack, to support teachers in class, an activity program implemented by the local botanic garden, teaching resources to be used at the botanic garden and in class after the visits and a manual for Teachers' training seminars.

To achieve these goals workgroups will be established in four European countries (UK, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria). National groups (NG) will include primary school teachers, a head teacher, education authorities and botanic garden educators. Based on a profound study of the current position of plants science teaching in primary schools and botanic gardens in Europe, the education tool is developed for optimise integration into primary school curriculum.

Since the project seeks for a European wide cooperation of botanic gardens and primary schools, group members will meet regularly. This is judged necessary to make sure that the developed program is kept on a general basis to allow easy adaptation to European needs.

The "Plant Science Gardens: Vo1 Plant diversity" education tool will be presented in various national and international conferences to the international community of botanical garden educators and educational authorities to promote its implementation into European primary school curricula.

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