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Non-Covalent Interactions in Chemistry and Biochemistry


INTCHEM is an interdisciplinary European Early Stage Research Training programme aimed towards understanding the complex phenomena of weak interactions between molecules via non-covalent bonding. These interactions govern the formation and structure of con densed phases of molecules (clusters, liquids, crystals), adhesion of molecules on surfaces, and determine the structure of biomacromolecules, such as proteines and DNA. Although applications cover the whole field of supramolecular chemistry, crystal engin neering and large parts of biochemistry, there is no systematic interdisciplinary training of students in traditional courses of chemistry and biochemistry. INTCHEM aims to close this gap by combining the "classical" knowledge of chemistry and physics, i.e . the language of molecules, their reactions and interactions, together with the "classical" knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology, derived from existing forms of life. The training will be based on a structured 3-year curriculum including a mul ti-week laboratory rotation, a dedicated lecture series as well as generic skills workshops. This will provide young scientists with the necessary in-depth experimental and theoretical skills in analytical chemistry to develop a comprehensive understandin g of supramolecular chemistry. Fellows will be full members of the faculty-wide Graduate School of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

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