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Construction companies processes re-engineering


The CORE project aims to carry out comprehensive transformations of important business processes within two European construction companies (one large, one small) and to derive generic structures that can be used throughout the industry.

The process redesign will include all levels, from a strategic planning level to the tactical process management level and to the details of carrying out the process steps, including the process implementation. CORE will develop goals, metrics and assessment procedures for construction-industry business processes. A prototype of the IT structure to support the business processes will be developed. The project will show how to implement the new processes and how to manage and gradually improve them. It will disseminate the results and experiences to enable other companies to carry out similar projects.

The project concentrates on four specific business processes, namely tendering, technical planning, purchasing and economical planning and control. The results of the project will be used directly in the two end-users, thus making it possible to validate that the results of the project are applicable in different countries and in different types of company.

CORE will be carried out according to a procedural model that includes the stages of detailed process understanding, process structuring and process changing. The project will use state-of-the-art process re-engineering tools and methods. The improved processes will be used for creating reference models containing generic structures for use within the entire industry.

These computer-based reference-models and the process-oriented adaptations of information systems for the construction industry will be marketed by the software vendors in the Consortium.

CORE brings together two leading construction companies (the largest Spanish building company FCC and P. Trant, a UK based SME) with experts in construction industry management and software (Soft, a Spanish software SME and two departments of the University of Southampton, UK) and with two experienced BPR consultancy companies and software vendors (ICL, a major UK company and IDS Prof. Scheer, a German SME). Soft is the main contractor and project leader.

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