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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Get organised our dissemination of die in Europe - network


- Create a network with an open membership list.

- Set up a programme of meetings, seminars, etc. for information exchange.

- Give presentations at other conferences, seminars, etc. on KGD information.

- Make contacts with other MCM and electronic packaging groups, e.g. EUROPRACTICE-MCM, NETPACK, JESSI, MCC etc.

- Issue a newsletter on KGD and associated topics.

- Create contacts made with standards groups to maintain continuity.

- Exploit the need for KGD and the use of the databases.

The current acceleration of MCM development is led by the need in electronics packaging for increased integration, reduced size and weight, increased reliability, reduced cost and increased performance. One of the major factors in MCM design is the use of new technology and very high I/O ICs such as microprocessors and ASICs with many thousands of gates. For memories and other devices, the technology is shrinking to 0.5 0.35 and even 0.25 micron. The use of these new technologies affects the device yield; the higher the number of die per MCM, the greater the risk of low first time yield and the need to rework. In order that the manufacture of these high density MCM electronic modules be cost-competitive with current electronic manufacturing technology, Known Good Die, KGD sourcing must be possible.
If the KGD concept is accepted internationally, it will also reduce the costs of single die packaging due to the higher yield of the die. To assist in achieving these requirements, this project is set up to create an information exchange network open to all semiconductor manufacturers, systems designers, MCM manufacturers and users, CAD vendors, standards organisations, etc. for the exchange of information on KGD. This will be based at a technical organisation who will assist in the organisation of seminars, workshops, task forces, a newsletter etc. as the knowledge base for KGD. (See also EP 20797 GOOD-DIE.)

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