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Gas based EHS products for existing dwellings


- To develop a power line, EHS-compatible equipment set, heating programmer, telephonic gateway, thermostat, gas and water sensors, gas and water mains electrovalves, boiler actuator, heating zone valves, security detectors, distress call emitter and intelligent plugs.

- To use the existing EHS technology in the development of the "EHS Gas Enabler" elements. They will be based on the 80C51 microcontroller family.

- To produce a lighter version of the EHS specification (called HS Lite) so that it can be implemented in these small pieces of equipment at low cost. HS Lite will be an EHS library that implements a full compliant EHS protocol on Power Line.

- To develop power line compatible gas appliances: a combined condensation boiler producing heating and domestic hot water, a water heater, a bi-thermal washing machine, and a bi-thermal dishwasher (bi-thermal appliances receive hot water at the required temperature directly from the boiler).

GAP will be focused on the development of different technological elements and domestic appliances to be installed in existing dwellings with a double objective.

- to create a significant number of available EHS power line compatible products, and
- to consolidate an offer of EHS, gas-based domestic appliances.

These objectives will allow for the promotion of new gas applications in the European market. These technological elements (called "EHS Gas Enabler") and domestic appliances are designed to be installed in any existing dwelling. Gas utilities wish to use it in the promotion of domestic gas applications.

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