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Formal methods for multi-agents systems


The multi-agent paradigm is emerging as a promising new programming approach with the goal of providing computing and communication services to the user on the basis of autonomous component-based processes. One of the major challenges in the multi-agent systems (MAS) area concerns the understanding of coalition and negotiation mechanisms between agents. While MAS has for long been a prominent area of artificial intelligence (AI) which is finding its way to applications, enhancing the quality and reliability of MAS using formal methods is a recent, still under-explored topic. To date, formal methods for MAS suffer from expressiveness limitations, which prevent them to consider anything but very simple properties. This is an interdisciplinary project, at the frontier between theoretical computer science and AI. Its outcome is a new generation of logic-based formal methods for MAS, which will bridge the gap with current AI research.

The applicant is an experienced researcher with skills in formal methods; her recent contributions to the field of controller synthesis are the stepping-stone of the proposed project. The highly expressive formalism developed in the control framework will be integrated in the family of logics for MAS, associated with effective methods and tested in realistic contexts like those considered in AI. The host institution is the Computer Sciences Lab of the prestigious Australian National University, which provides a world-class training and research environment in Logic & Computation and Knowledge Representation & Reasoning. Her integration into both groups will enhance the applicant's expertise in pure and applied logic, as well as in AI and MAS applications. Concerning the return phase, the applicant plans to build from her new experience to apply for professorships in Europe, to manage an independent research group on Formal Methods for MAS, and to set up of a French or even European summer school for junior researchers.

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