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Sectoral Innovation Systems in Europe - Monitoring, Analysing Trends and Identifying Challenges


The SYSTEMATIC project looks to provide policy-makers and stakeholders in the sectors with a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the sectoral innovation performance and challenges across the EU25. The fundamental question is to what extent and why innovation performance differs across sectors?

The SYSTEMATIC project investigates the sectoral innovation performance in specific European sectors. Therefore, it plays a great role in developing new indicators and innovation models at sectoral level. Moreover, the SYSTEMATIC project goes beyond statistical analysis of cross-sector innovation performance and incorporates qualitative analysis. The project will also establish innovation panels composed of outstanding sectoral innovation specialists. They will serve as a platform for discussions on policy recommendations for each sector and steer and guide the entire project.

In summary, the work is structured in 11 inter-linked workpackages:
Sectoral Innovation Systems Scoping Papers; Mapping Sectoral Innovation Policies;
Analysing & Modelling Sectoral Innovation Systems; Analysis and identification of Europe's sectoral innovation champions; Showcasing of Europe's sectoral innovation champions; Prospective vision of sectoral innovation challenges; Benchmarking National Sector Specific Environments; Analysis of regulatory and policy issues influencing sectoral innovation patterns; Identification of socio-cultural barriers and driving forces to innovation per sector; Organisation of Innovation Panels per sector; and Synthesis and presentation of all project results.

Since sectors have highly specific characteristics, they must face specific issues that may require different policy responses. Consequently, the ultimate goal of the project is to identify main policy implications that arise and formulate well-tailored and relevant policy recommendations that could be promoted in each European sector under review.

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