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Evaluating scenarios of future landscape change by comparing static vs. dynamic visualisations in immersive environments


In this research project scenarios of future landscapes are developed and translated into 3D visualisation models that will be explored and assessed through stakeholder involvement in an immersive environment facility. These interactive computer visualisat ions will provide a realistic experience and function as the basis for making decisions about our future landscapes. So far, spatially relevant planning decisions are normally based on written reports, 2D plans and sometimes on static visualisations. Howev er, the human perception of our environment is normally not static but dynamic in the sense of Gibson's theory of ecological perception. In addition, the Agenda 21, the Aarhus convention and the European landscape convention demand for improved information as well as improved public participation in the planning process. The traditional planning approach is not sufficiently considering this new political framework. It is hypothesized that through dynamic visualisation instead of traditional static images pu blic participation and communication will be improved, an assessment will be different, and planning will be spatially more explicit and easier to comprehend by the general public as well as within expert groups. A survey will be conducted to test human re action to different representation modes (e.g. static vs. dynamic). Also, the results will provide quantitative and qualitative information of people's perception of the landscape character of the future. The results will show whether it will be possible t o improve the comprehensibility and usability of visualisations by introducing immersive visualisation to a framework of public participation in a real world planning study. The case study site for the research project is the Peak District National Park, U K. Beyond the scientific goals, the research will be undertaken in close collaboration with the National Park Authority and the Campaign to protect Rural England in order to ensure the practical relevance.

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