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Contenu archivé le 2024-05-29

Highly time-resolved single event capture of field- and current-induced magnetization dynamics in thin metallic films and nanostructures


This project will study single magnetization reversal events in magnetic thin films and nanostructures using a magneto-optic Kerr effect magnetometer with sub-nanosecond time resolution. The magnetization switching will be induced using both externally ap plied magnetic fields (pulses and oscillating fields) and electrical currents. The main aims of the project are to bridge the gap in understanding of the dynamic magnetization reversal process in the frequency range 1 MHz 1 GHz in thin magnetic films, an d to understand the stochastic nature of single domain wall dynamics in magnetic nanostructures. A further important aim is to compare the effects of applied field- and electrical current pulses on the domain wall dynamics. This will provide a crucial te st of present theories of current-induced switching as well as deeper insight into the underlying mechanisms. The project will allow the applicant to extend his expertise in the field of magnetization reversal dynamics, as well as diversify into the resea rch of magnetic nanostructures and the technologically important area of current-induced switching. The project is expected to lead to world-class research and increased co-operation between academia and industry, as well as bring enhanced scientific and professional skills that will benefit the career of the applicant.

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