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Black holes, BPS states and topological string theory


This project is concerned with theoretical aspects of physics of black holes which can be addressed within string theory. It is based on the conjecture of H. Ooguri, A. Strominger and C. Vafa, which relates microscopic description of black holes to the topological string theory. The main objectives of the project concern the generalization of this conjecture to the case of non-supersymmetric black holes, as well as deriving the wall-crossing formulas and understanding BPS microstate counting in the case of local Calabi-Yau geometries and Seiberg-Witten theories. Being motivated by profound questions concerning quantum gravity and physics of black holes, the project is inherently related to the most important recent developments on the interface of string theory and mathematics. To achieve its objectives a variety of techniques from both these fields must be combined, such as topological string theory, topological vertex, combinatorics and statistical models, Kontsevich-Soibelman formalism, issues in algebraic geometry and theory of modular forms. The outgoing and returning scientific hosts are theoretical physicists of worldwide reputation: Prof. Hirosi Ooguri from Caltech, who is the author of the above mentioned conjecture underlying the project, and Prof. Robbert Dijkgraaf from University of Amsterdam, one of the founders of the topological string theory. The completion of the project should be an important step in the search of the theory of quantum gravity and it should lead to new insights important for mathematics.

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