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Communication strategies in groups of young people and their interaction with schools


The aim of this project with the Department of Education Sciences, at Università degli Studi Roma 3, is to identify the communication strategies by which low-income young people in urban peripheral areas make their relationship with school. Conceptual tools and research methodologies will come from a transdisciplinary approach making use of multimodal communication studies and of knowledge and expertise coming from Latin-American popular education studies, young&adult education and the researcher’s field-work and activism with children and teens living in the streets in Brazil. The relevance of this research, both for the European and the Latin-American context is linked to contemporary social processes in which groups of young people, coming from different social and cultural backgrounds, enter into the school system in a context of strong social inequalities and while the role of school education as a major training and learning place and a factor for social mobility seems to be diminished. The goal of such cooperation is, on the one side, to build up strong expertise in the field of communication phenomena, to develop abilities in analyzing communicative events, as well as use such abilities to create innovative methodologies and techniques to work with groups of young people in diverse urban contexts. On the other side, we pretend to transfer knowledge and expertise in field-work with people or groups suffering the new forms of socio-economic marginalization, especially children, teenagers and poor young people living in urban areas. The results of such researches may represent an important tool or aid for policy-making, educational policies and new pedagogic theoretical models, more appropriated to the contemporary, complex social context in which teenagers live. The goal is also to build an interdisciplinary group investigating the forms of communication used by young people coming from areas characterized by multiculturalism and social exclusion.

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