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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Entanglement and entropy in continuous variable systems


This project is aimed towards a full theoretical understanding of the interplay between entanglement and entropies in continuous variable quantum systems. Such systems, whose manipulation can exploit the powerful tools of experimental quantum optics, are particularly promising for quantum information. The first objective of the project will be to clarify the relations existing between logarithmic negativity and global and local entropies in multimode, multipartite Gaussian states.

The symplectic analysis will be the main tool of such a study, aiming at an information theoretical interpretation of the local and global symplectic invariants and at bounding the negativity of multimode states by purity measurements (with the possibility of suggesting advantageou s experimental schemes to estimate the entanglement). Possible applications to many body systems will be considered. The extension of the theory of entanglement transformations to generic mixed Gaussian states will be addressed, by means of symplectic anal ysis and majorization techniques.

The study of non- Gaussian continuous variable entanglement will be undertaken, with an especial attention paid to its resistance to decoherence. The possibility of beating Gaussian continuous variable protocols through non -Gaussian resources will be explored addressing, in particular, precision measurements and teleportation. A scheme for the realization of a bosonic quantum channel with memory will be proposed too. Such a project would promote European research in the rapidly developing field of continuous variable quantum information, endowed with remarkable technological perspectives.

Crucially contributing to the professional growth of a young researcher in a first class European institution, it would entail a proper use of the human resources of the Community. It would provide me with knowledge, skills and European contacts that will be precious in further research career, which I am strongly determined to pursue.

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