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Templated synthesis and fixation of self-assembled p-conjugated oligomers using DNA and PNA


A unique construction process for supra-molecular assemblies in the 10-100 nm length scale that act as (opto)electronic and/or solar energy processing devices is proposed. For the fabrication of these nanoelectronic components, oligonucleotides (DNA) or oli gopeptides (PNA) will be used as a template for the construction of perfect-defined p-conjugated oligomer assemblies. Different p-conjugated molecules, such as oligo(p-phenylene vinylene) and perylene bisimides, that contain a specific hydrogen-bonding uni t will be synthesized. This supramolecular recognition motif will be complementary to one of the bases of the single-stranded DNA/PNA template. In such a way, semi-conducting stacks will be constructed that are monodisperse and well-defined, that is, have a specific number of building blocks in a precise position. The self-assembled stacks will be covalently fixed at this stage by photopolymerization reaction of suitable pendant groups. The fixation process will increase the stability and processability of the materials for their transfer to solid substrates or their connection to electrodes. These structures are ideal systems to investigate fundamental issues within the nanometer scale like light harvesting, exciton diffusion length, energy and electron tra nsfer processes and the conversion of light into chemical or electrical energy. The project, having a very interdisciplinary and technological character, is perfectly suited for the young applicant. On one hand, his vast postgraduate experience in the orga nic chemistry and properties of molecular materials make him a perfect candidate to accomplish the different tasks successfully. On the other hand, the clear orientation of the project towards the supramolecular organization of organic functional compounds will enrich and complement his scientific skills and outlook for a brilliant independent professional future.

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