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Hybrid ultra-precision manufacturing process based on positional- and self-assembly for complex micro-products


Today, emerging highly complex micro-devices with applications in mechanics, electronics, biological engineering, microfluidics and IT request ultra precision manufacturing processes. HYDROMEL's first objective is to develop the tomorrow's high precision flexible and cost-effective manufacturing process for complex micro-products including emerging products that cannot be synthesised through one-shot processes. HYDROMEL will aim at developing a new versatile 3D automated production system with a positioning accuracy of 100 nm for complex micro-devices. Based on ultra precision robots improved by the innovative knowledge-based self-assembly technology, this groundbreaking combination will participate in the massive production of high-added value strategic and emerging micro-products.The combination of positional assembly - where objects are mechanically manipulated and positioned one by one - and self-assembly -where objects arrange themselves into ordered structures by physical or chemical interactions- has never been achieved at the industrial scale and, as a consequence, will be a new and flexible production concept permitting the development of a fully innovating hybrid automated tool for assembly of micro-products. Relying on the latest scientific developments in robotics and self-assembly, HYDROMEL's academic and R&D partners will make possible the availability of a hybrid/self-assembly technology in Europe at an industrial scale, which will be radically new and will push Europe as leader in the field of high added value micro-products manufacturing. Thanks to the flexibility of the process, HYDROMEL will be capable of meeting requirements in wide range of applications and, as a consequence, dynamize existing markets and open new ones to generate employment. Increase of European competitiveness in the following strategic markets will be targeted: mechanics, electronics, biological engineering, microfluidics and IT.

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