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The Marie Curie Training Programme in Applied Health Economics


Objectives of the series: The objectives are: to introduce young professionals to techniques used in applied health economics; to provide practical experience of their application; and to instil a code of good practice that will permeate the profession. The series will consist of: a Marie Curie Training Course (two weeks) in applied health economics; Marie Curie Training Courses (3 days), "master classes" lead by world-class researchers, which will coincide with; Marie Curie Short Conferences (3 days), inter national conferences on econometrics and health economics. Trainees will attend all three types of event.

Benefits for early-stage researchers: The courses will lead trainees through practical problems and allow them to present their own work, guided by world-class researchers and authors of leading textbooks. The Conferences will be attended by leading academics; trainees will present their own work and discuss work by established experts.

European achievements and interests: The pursuit of an equitable, efficient health system is an important public issue across Europe. For the health sector to work equitably and efficiently Europe need evidence-based policy and for this it needs well- trained applied health economists, with a critical mass in each Member State. The syllabi of the training courses are built around the work of senior European researchers and practicals will use European datasets such as the European HouseholdPanel Survey (ECHP).

Establishing the European Research Area: There is Community-wide nee d for well-trained professionals, skilled in the practice of empirical economics, and a current lack of capacity to respond to these needs on a national basis, particularly in the new Member States. The training needs are consistent across the EU, and an E U training programme will help form and cement cross-border research relationships.

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