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ATM RD project identification and information Network


The introduction of the new operational concepts of ATM puts high requirements on ATM R&D in Europe which requires a co-operative and integrated approach of all stakeholders involved in ATM R&D. To be able to co-ordinate R&D effectively, there is a need to create a data repository from which all relevant information can be made available to interested parties. The results of this work and associated database can ensure that ongoing research and the results obtained can be analysed year by year from any required viewpoint. The required activities will be co-ordinated by NLR.
The objectives of the data repository are: -To provide, for the R&D community, transparency on European R&D activities and thus to help avoiding unnecessary duplications,
-To have a quantifiable and up-to-date picture of trends in European R&D activities,
-To bring together the European ATM R&D community and to enable harmonisation of ATM R&D.
The SARDINE project, through its support aims to:
-Provide a complete picture of information on ATM R&D in Europe, achieved through an extensive network of contacts.
-Support ATM R&D by networking and rationalisation and to realise a comprehensive project identification framework.
-Assist the EC in monitoring ATM R&D in Europe in relation to European priorities with respect to enhancement of ATM.
-Provide appropriate feed-back to the ATM R&D community and other interested parties.
The SARDINE project extends over a period of three years. It will provide a report on the status of ATM R&D in Europe three times a year which will include a tentative complete recording of ongoing, planned and completed R&D, as well as analysis and an appraisal of trends and needs.

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