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Synthesis and properties of polyhydroxyacid functionalized metathesis polyacetylenes


The aim of this project is to synthesize and characterize the biodegradable graft copolymers with a regular non-polar backbone via metathesis polymerisation and the biocompatible, polar side chain via ring opening polymerization. Firstly, the polymerizatio n of various hydroxyalkanes catalyzed by well-defined ruthenium Grubbs catalyst will be investigated to establish the most suitable conditions for the metathesis polymerization of polyhydroxyacid macromonomers with various acetylene end-groups. This preparation method will allow obtaining degradable polymers in a controlled fashion.
The graft copolymers will be prepared with different length and composition of the side chain and different length of the backbone chain. Consequently, the chemical and physical properties of the polymer products will be characterized before, during and after in-vitro degradation.
The comparison of the properties of biodegradable polymers with polyhydroxyacid side chains and those carrying alcohol functional groups will give information of the nature of the non-polar backbone and polar side chain.
This project is multidisciplinary and involves the investigation of the metathesis polymerisation process, synthesis of new biodegradable materials and also their biological studies.
The preparation method proposed in this project will give new materials with tailored properties, which would be changed gradually on degradation period. Thus, this feature would lead to use these products in systems where the degradation profile of material s has to be precisely matched to the needs of application, e.g. in environmental and biomedical systems. This project is designed to give the applicant an opportunity to apply her research experiences achieved during her PhD study and Marie Curie Intra-European fellowship period together. In addition, the project will allow her a professional reintegration in the institution in her country of origin and to give her a boost to become an independent researcher.


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