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Integration of two-component ceramic injection moulding for large-scale production of novel multifunctional ceramic components for automotive and railway applications


The main goal of the project is the integration of the two-component ceramic injection moulding (2C-CIM) as a low cost and large series production technique for development of complex shaped ceramic components for automotive and railway applications offering a high degree of structural and functional integrity. The 2C-CIM technology which is known from two-coloured plastic parts shall be qualified for the production of advanced ceramic components combining two ceramic materials with different or opposite properties without additional joining steps. This manufacturing process will allow the production of components with complex geometries within tight tolerances and short processing times. By combining different materials properties, like electrical conductivity and electrical isolation, or high mechanical strength and high friction coefficient, novel components with a high degree of functionality and longer life cycles can be provided by this shaping technique. The 2C-CIM technology shall be developed as a high pressure and a low pressure variant for ensuring highest flexibility of production. Moreover, appropriate characterizing methods will be applied which will enable the producer to detect defects in co-injected components even in the green state which is a key factor for a highly efficient production technique. Non-destructive methods of characterization will help to reduce scrap-rate remarkably and to prevent loops in the production cycle. The project tasks will be solved by involving simulation tools covering the complete production process, tailoring of ceramic feedstock properties considering simultaneous shrinking behaviour during debinding and co-sintering and implementing multifunctional ceramic parts into prototype systems for automotive and railway applications.

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