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NETworking for Innovation and knowledge Economy among SMEs in the associated candidate countries


NETIES is a specific support action for the associated candidate countries bringing a unique think tank approach based on the networking expertise and successfull infrastructure of the First Tuesday business network representing SMEs hubs with a reach of tens of thousands community members and supporting knowledge economy development and entrepreneurship. The overall project objective is improving SME participation and success rates in the 6th Framework Programme and ensuring more effective and faster integration of the associated candidate countries when building the European Research Area. The project intends to exploit the unique opportunity of the First Tuesday business network and its information and communication infrastructure, which is shared by community members actively cooperating in Central and Eastern Europe. The stress will be put on supporting innovation (not only in its purely technology meaning) and knowledge economy development in order to encourage SMEs to network in clusters and alliances and increase the FP6 participation from this region. In order to achieve all the project objectives NETIES comprises the whole range of support and networking activities for SMEs including four types of surveys, three types of events, in-house company training, individual coaching & consulting and intensive on-line & off-line publishing. There will be other activities launched according to the initial survey analysis, for example organising awards and competitions encouraging SMEs to participate in FP6. NETIES will be implemented in a two-year time-frame by four consortium members addressing three pilot countries (Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) covered by the full scale activities and three non-pilot countries (Poland, Slovenia, Estonia) where the core project activities will be implemented as well.

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