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Contenu archivé le 2024-06-18

Coordination Action on Risk Based Management of River Basins


In RISKBASE leading European scientists and representatives of major, European stakeholder groups will review and synthesise the outcome of EC RTD Framework Program projects, and other major initiatives, related to integrated risk assessment-based management of the water/sediment/soil system at the river-basin scale. The synthesis leads to the development of integrated risk assessment-based management approaches enabling the prevention and/or reduction of the negative impacts caused by human activities on that system.

RISKBASE delivers:
1) An overarching concept, generic approach and guiding principles to integrated risk based management of river basins;
2) Recommendations towards evolution and implementation of risk based management in national and community policies and towards implementation in management and
3) A proposal for the European research agenda related to risk based management. Based upon ample experience in previous EC CAs, Thematic Networks and/or Accompanying Measures, a simple project structure is chosen, with only a minimum number of Work Packages (WP).

Each WP is managed by one WP-leader, supported by a few other partners (contractors) in the project. The WPs organise several workshops dedicated to specific issues related to risk based management at the river-basin scale. Furthermore, RISKBASE annually organises a General Assembly (GA) and makes use of EUGRIS as web-based information exchange structure.

The workshops, GA and the website are open to all who are interested and willing to contribute to achieve the RISKBASE goals and objectives. Furthermore, during the project, each WP selects core-team members to assist the WP-leader in reviewing, synthesising and then reporting of the outcome of WP-workshops. Thus an open, transparent and flexible structure is created ensuring the integration of all essential knowledge, expertise and experience in order to make RISKBASE a success.

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