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Comparative evaluation of tribological performances of transition metal Dichalcogenides and DLC Thin Films in micro and nano-scale


The components of microelectro mechanical systems have very high surface to volume ratio. The forces applied to such systems are quite low making surface forces to play a dominant role. However, as the sizes of such systems are quite low, the contact pressure is estimated to be few hundred MPa. Such forces cause undesirable effects such as stiction and high friction leading to reduction of operational reliability. The main objective of the proposal is to enhance the performances of MEMS by applying self-lubricating film on the surfaces, which are sliding against each other's. In order to achieve the above mentioned objective, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD), and DLC will be deposited on Si, steel and glass substrate. Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique and magnetron sputtering (MS) technique will be employed for that purpose. Metal containing TMD and DLC will also be deposited on similar substrates. The mechanical properties of these films will be determined using, nanoindenter.

These films will be characterized with the help of TEM, XPS, and FTIR etc. The micro tribological properties will be evaluated using a micritribometer. The nanotribological properties will be examines with the help of an, AFM equipped with a nanoindenter and a nanoscratch tester. These evaluations will be carried out in controlled environment and in corrosive environment. The friction force surfaces, topography induced friction surface and adhesion induced friction surfaces will be obtained under various conditions. Attempt will be made to identify and characterize presence of transfer layer. The mechanism of friction dissipation will also be examined.

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