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Contenu archivé le 2024-06-16

Thermal and Thermoelectric Transport in Nanomaterials


This proposal aims at developing new nanostructured materials with tailored thermoelectric properties. Ultimately, this may lead to the development of thermoelectric coolers and power generators of unprecedented efficiency, as well as new materials for he at sinks in microelectronics, or for thermal insulation. To achieve this goal, a multidisciplinary effort is being set forth, linking fundamental theory and experiment, together with nanomaterials' synthesis and characterization.

The present proposal focuses on the theoretical, computational and modelling aspects, and their comparison with experiment, within the larger project. This project is very relevant to the energy problems faced by the world today: thermoelectric power generation is a clean, renewable energy source, and this project may open the way to make this source into an economically viable alternative. This project is at the cutting edge of the thermoelectrics field, and involves several renowned groups worldwide in this discipline. The project coordinates efforts in all necessary aspects, from basic to be applied, in order to achieve the final goals.

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