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Femtosecond inscription of waveguide lasers in crystals


The major goal of the project is development of new fabrication technology for a waveguide-microchip laser. Fabrication of a compact and robust laser with monolithic cavity based on crystals doped with rare earth or transition metal ions is the target of t he project. The new design is proposed based on a combination of a microchip and a waveguide, inscribed inside of a crystal. Fabrication of the waveguide is based on a recently discovered phenomenon of a refractive index change due to irradiation of a crystal by tightly focused beam of femtosecond pulses. Primary targets of the project are pulsed lasers with high peak power, operating with sub-nanosecond pulses.

Two regimes of oscillations will be comprehensively investigated within the project: Q-switching and mode locking. Primary active and saturable materials for the waveguide microchip lasers to be examined within the project are crystals of the garnet family. A nature of the refractive index change in garnet crystals will be studied by applying methods of optical spectroscopy, diffraction of electrons and electronic paramagnetic resonance. The developed technology will promote miniaturization of solid- state lasers and will facilitate its integration in electronic systems.

It is fully in line with t he objectives of the sub-programme "Components and Microsystems" of "Information Society Technologies", one of the main directions of 6-th EU Commission Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration. The proposed research is in line with the goals of the European Priority Thematic Area 1.1.3: Nano technologies and nanosciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials and new production processes and devices.

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