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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-16

A customisable Middleware for building complex global computing Systems


The objective of this project is the design, implementation and evaluation of a middleware that provides search, specialisation, clustering, identity and topology adaptation services to enable the construction of complex, self-managing systems for use in areas such as service-oriented computing, i.e. a middleware for global computing systems.

The project will contribute a modular middleware that can be customized to handle the diverse requirements of different global computing systems. The key research challenges that the middleware will address include: network and application environment monitoring support; topology adaptation algorithms to enable the construction of network structures that are adapted to the systems network and application environments; decentralised search algorithms to enable nodes to adaptively, reliably and quickly find services/resources in the system; support for node specialisation to enable independent nodes to take globally optimal decisions about services/resources they will contribute to the system; clustering support to enable nodes to collaborate to provide redundant, discoverable versions of services/resources; an identity service to enable nodes and users to uniquely identify one another.

An instantiation and evaluation of the middleware will be carried out by building a service-oriented architecture that enables the construction of self-managing distributed services by software companies in Europe Small and Medium- Sized business sector. The project involves close cooperation between two partners, both from different EU member countries.

The project will provide the young researcher with training preparing him for work in Europe, and it is anticipated that this collaboration will enable a qualitative leap in how global computing systems are built. Thus, this project will provide a step towards deepening European competitiveness in an increasingly important sector of the knowledge-based economy.

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