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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-29

Reliable communication under topology uncertainty


In 4G mobile networks it is envisaged that mobile users will be able to roam seamlessly between various networks and associated technologies, having access to a plethora of information driven applications requiring high data rates.

Due to mobility, the wireless devices are expected to operate under arbitrary network topologies and channel conditions. The need to continuously update the terminals about the topology and channel conditions poses severe design and performance limitations.

While the issue of Channel uncertainty has been investigated extensively in recent years, leading to important information theoretic concepts, as well as insight into the design of practical communications protocols, Topology uncertainty has received less attention.

We therefore believe that a serious effort should be made towards the following objectives:
- investigation of the fundamental limits of reliable communications under topology uncertainty
- design of Topology Oblivious Communication Protocols which can operate efficiently even without any knowledge of network topology, and
- demonstration of the superiority and attractiveness of the new approach over current technologies, in an effort to attract standardization bodies to consider incorporating these ideas in 4G mobile wireless networks.

These objectives will be achieved by conducting research using advanced tools from Information Theory, coding Theory, Signal Processing, Optimization, Control, Networking, and Queuing Theory. In conjunction with the research activities, the fellow is expected to diversify his expertise, to acquire complementary skills, and to disseminate the acquired knowledge during a re-integration phase at the Technion.

The proposal promotes the objectives of the 'European Research Area':
- as part of the program 'Structuring the ERA',
- within the thematic priority areas of Information Society Technologies (IST), and
- by supporting the implementation of other EU policies.

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