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Coordination of RDI policies and their coherence with other policies in newly acceded countries


The proposal aims to support the regional dimension of the ERA by increasing the effectiveness and coherence of the R&D&I policies with special focus on the NAC. The key priority of the project is to directly enhance the research and development issues by the coordination of the regional policy making processes (RIS-NAC, Structural Funds) of 6 regions with the support of 2 experienced regions. Thus the partners can exploit the added-value of the internal/final results (deliverables) and the synergies of the parallel running projects and activities without duplicating the activities. The proposal focuses on the public research spending and policy mixes and comprehensively the SMEs and research target areas. The partnership represents a high value-added as well. The RDAs as operative bodies of the Regional Development Councils are directly involved in the preparation of the policies and the decisions and thus in the decision making process as well. The stakeholders have been also selected to ensure equal opportunities and equilibrum. The expected results will be the - development of coherent and effective research policies in the participating regions, by better information on policy mixes and financial coordination for the decision makers, and strengthened R&D support mechanisms to SMEs, - a transferability model of best practices, - by the coordination of the priorities and pilot projects concerted actions, joint policy initiatives and EU level recommendations with special respect to the ERA-NET process and the 7. Framework Programme. The advantages of a systemic approach by inter-programme relationships ensures a unique opportunity to create optimal linkage to other related activities of the EU (e.g. Innovation Strategies, Structural Funds, _.) and other international bodies (e.g. IRE) and a sustainable, coordinated use and structured availability of this high value knowledge and information databases.

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