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Be inspired from the ancestors. Modern science-ancient wisdom


National Technical University of Athens and the Institute for Continuous Adult Training have the ambition to organize a Researchers' Night in September 22nd 2006 as a part of the relevant activities in all Europe. The proposed project has the intension to mobilize the scientific community and especially all active researchers which are considered to be the leading scientists to a challenging target.

This target is to bring the Researchers and the noble feeling of Science to four difficult areas of Athens, areas of great unemployment, with a large number of economic emigrants and other minority groups. A large group of researchers from both participating institutions, who materialized an important project concerning the preservation of cultural heritage in the European States and two domestic projects concerning the popularization and dissemination of the scientific results, will be the Core of the Researchers' Night.

Highly participatory activities used in the Second Chance Schools and Informal learning will be employed for the demystification of the Researcher and Research to a non traditional target audience. Researchers with an experience in approach and communication techniques will try to pass the message to a population strangling for a better future through the improving of their educational assets, that every one of them can be a potential researcher.

The subject of the activities will be the magic of the Antiquity World and how the modern science tries to preserve cultural heritage. In the same time they will see how innovative learning methods are applied. All activities, in the form of workshops, will take place simultaneously in four buildings of Second Chance Schools in respective districts. A big closing event for everybody will be organized in order to give a joyful end to the evening.

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