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Contenu archivé le 2024-05-29

Stochastic differential equations in Hilbert spaces and application to collapse models


Within Quantum Mechanics, stochastic differential equations find useful applications in the following research fields:
- collapse models, to describe spontaneous localizations of the wave function;
- decoherence theory, to mimic the effect of the environment on an open system;
- the theory of continuous quantum measurement, to describe the action of a measuring device on a quantum system.

In the past years, in particular during his experience as a Marie-Curie fellow in Germany, the researcher has started to study, both analytically and numerically, classes of stochastic equations which are of particular physical relevance; the time evolution of specific solutions (e.g. Gaussian solutions), which are of interest in all applications, have been analyzed, together with the reduction mechanism and its stability, and the localization probabilities; applications to experiments have also been considered.

We now wish to pursue this line of research. In particular, we wish to focus on the following topics:
Problem 1. Analysis of the general solution and its properties (in particular the asymptotic behaviour) of the stochastic differential equation for the free quantum particle subject to spontaneous localization in space.
Problem 2. Analysis of the general solution and of the asymptotic behaviour of the stochastic differential equations for more complex systems, e.g. the harmonic oscillator and the hydrogen atom.
Problem 3. If there is time left, we will tackle the problem of formulating collapse models which are relativistically invariant.

Since stochastic differential equations are becoming an essential tool in the study of many physical phenomena (from non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, to biology, to mathematical finance, ...) the results of our analysis has the potentialities of being important also for research areas other than the one related to collapse models.

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