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String theory as the unifying theory of all fundamental particle interactions - a step forward in the comprehension of dualities relating different string theories


Type IIB string theory has a preservative symmetry corresponding to the reversal of the orientation of the fundamental string. Type I string theory is obtained from type IIB projecting out the states that are odd under this flip, and this operation is known as orient fold projection. The research objective is to clarify the duality that relates type he and I erotic SO (32) in ten dimensions. This duality is a strong-weak coupling duality, while tiepin possesses a non-preservative self-duality. Self-duality of IIB maps the orient fold projection to a new symmetry. Projecting out the states that are odd under this new symmetry should give a theory that describes tweak coupling the strong coupling behaviour of type I string theory. The objective of the project is thus to try to connect the duality between types I and he erotic SO (32) to the self-duality of type IIB.There are two directions in which the research can be developed. The open sector of type I string theory can be obtained performing a type I truncation of IIB in a background in which D9-brines are present. One direction is then to study what happens to this truncated action at strong coupling, and then perform a duality map. The other direction is to perform a string theory analysis, characterizing at any mass level the map that projects the states of type IIB to the changeless states of the he erotic theory. Undertaking the project could be the starting point for developing further research in other directions, in particular applying the same techniques to type HA theory, whose strong coupling limit is dual to the unknown eleven-dimensional theory called M-theory.

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