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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-06-18

Using trust and reputation to Improve security in virtual societies


This proposal has three main objectives:
1. Improve the reliability and security in e-Commerce environments. Trust and reputation systems are currently being implemented as an alternative or as a complement to sanctions for regulating transactions and discouraging cheaters in e-Commerce environments. However, the efficiency of reputation systems currently implemented is not as good as it would be desirable. If we want to undertake current problems of virtual societies we need theoretically more sophisticated reputation systems. A cognitive model of trust and reputation, fully operative and comprising its transmission mechanisms, is needed. Using as the basis for our approach the work and experience of the host institution in cognitive systems and the experience on trust and reputation models and multi-context systems of the applicant we will build a fully operative cognitive trust and reputation model that can be used in current electronic communities.
2. Provide a common metrics to compare computational trust and reputation models. On the contrary that in other areas of computer science, in the area of trust and reputation models it does not exist a common test-bed to compare trust and reputation models. We want to build a test-bed that:
(i) gives a common experimental environment where to compare all computational trust and reputation models under the same conditions and
(ii) allows to clearly determine the strengths and weaknesses of each model.
3. Increase people\'s confidence in multi-agent systems technology. Improving the reliability and security of e-Commerce environments by means of better trust and reputation models we are contributing to increase the users confidence level on multi-agent systems. The proposal address directly points and of the 1ST programme objectives under the 6th Framework Program.

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