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Bootstrap Project for a Multiple Device File-Server


This project was the bootstrap phase of a much larger programme for developing a Data Storage sub-System (DSS) including solid-state discs, magnetic disc drives, optical disc drives with related juke-box, and magnetic tape devices. This DSS combines, in a unique server approach, several types of devices that are currently controlled separately.

The main goal of the Joint European External Memory Initiative (JEEMI) is to integrate advanced storage technologies and innovative architectures in an efficient DSS, for which the various interfaces (DSS/devices and DSS/hosts) have been agreed upon and further enhanced, together with existing storage devices. Furthermore, it should provide better performances and larger storage management, and thus enhance overall system performance.

The PREJEEMI project aimed at defining the DSS in terms of technical characteristics to match the required market needs; consequently, it will also cover the definition of the "cahier des charges". It allows the implementation of hierarchical storage management, automatic back-up facilities, and other data management functionalities formerly involving the host (and thus operating system dependent).


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