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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-29

On European Solidarity


The project investigates the uses, over ten years, of the concept of solidarity in two European policies: one that addresses the internal European affairs, social affairs, and one that predominantly addresses the external relations of the European Union, humanitarian aid policy. The different connotations that the concept has taken, its ambivalences and uses will be traced in each policy and then compared across the two policies. The research will be carried in an interdisciplinary manner, combining insights from social theory and political philosophy with discourse analysis. Additionally, the project aims at making a contribution to the fields of European social policy and European humanitarian aid. The different theoretical strands that are used will thus be confronted with a rich empirical material, an approach that permits a practical grasp on political- and social- theoretical considerations. Whilst the treatment of theoretical issues relates to existing works in the relevant area, its empirical findings are meant to contribute to a larger debate on political Europe by making a sophisticated reflection on solidarity more accessible. The organisation of a conference on the topic of the project involving actors in policy-making, academia and civil society is one of the ways to achieve the goal of the project. The project will fully contribute to the objectives of the Programmes, since it will not only promote a dialogue between the academic community and the public at large, but it will also enable me to work with researchers in the multidisciplinary environment of the Sussex European Institute, increasing my mobility, rendering me more independent and widening my prospects for further research. In particular, conducting research in the UK for the first time, envisaging the preparation and completion of a second book manuscript and the publication of several articles are the ways to achieve these objectives.

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