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European Education in Haematology


Aim : to develop a comprehensive approach to training in Hematology integrating new knowledge in genomics, immunology, genetics, pharmacology and human sciences. The explosion of new avenues of research in Hematology and the position of Europe at their for efront justify high level training at the pan-European level. The rapid, substantial geographic expansion of Europe calls for determined effort to ensure transfer of knowledge, to harmonize high quality procedures and to integrate in-coming countries in th e European research area. This project aims to significantly augment the number and quality of researchers in Europe and its Associated states, and to catalyze translational research synergies, notably between academia and industry. It anticipates forthcom ing needs at several levels : ? International competitiveness of experimental & translational research ? Pan-European coordination of clinical research ? Accessibility to training for researchers, including from in-coming EU states ? Development of new diagnostic & therapeutic tools with European industry ? Development of new organizational & technological tools, including accreditation schemes & guidelines for their use at the European level ? Consideration of new societal, ethical, regulat ory issues & development of health-related Science, Technology Reference (STR) ? Development, implementation & evaluation of new training tools. High level training and progress in these fields will attract younger scientists to Europe, thereby imp roving the quality of the European research area and associating younger scientists with its design and content. The European School of Haematology will organize these events. Attendees will include junior and senior scientists from academia and industry, including SMEs. The project is reinforced by partnership with the European Hematology Association and the European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Group. It associates the European #

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