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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-29

Continuation of the "International Network Non-energy use and CO2 emissions (NEU-CO2)", Phase III


A significant fraction of fossil fuels is consumed as non-energy use, i.e. as feedstock for the manufacture of synthetic materials and chemical products, e.g. plastics, paints, solvents, lubricants and bitumen. In the long run, these products contribute substantially to CO2 emissions. In Western Europe, non-energy use represents 11-12% of the total amount of fossil fuels for final consumption. In other parts of the world, the manufacture of non-energy products is increasing very rapidly, e.g. in China. CO2 emissions from non-energy use continue to be a major source of uncertainty in national greenhouse gas (GHG) emission accounting. The NEU-CO2 network has been working on this issue since 1999. In this proposal the continuation of the network is applied for (Phase III). Given the success of the network to date, the goals of Phase III are:
· to expand the existing network by a Chinese, German, South Korean & South African partner,
· to develop the so-called Simplified Approach, which requires much less data than the NEAT model (developed in Phase I&II) and can hence be applied worldwide more easily, to apply it to all countries represented in the NEU-CO2 network and to evaluate the accuracy of the results by comparison with detailed country-specific estimation methods,
· to pool bottom-up information on materials with complicated pathways in production, use and waste management such as solvents and lubricants,
· to monitor the experience made with the improved IEA/EUROSTAT energy balance questionnaire and to make further steps towards harmonisation,
· to initiate and accompany national analyses similar to those for the Netherlands, Austria & Flanders in Belgium,
· to contribute to rewriting of the IPCC Guidelines for National GHG emission inventories in order to improve the terminology, remove ambiguity & contradictions and to introduce improved estimation methods,· to disseminate the results by two workshops, the website & other means

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