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Multicomponent nanostructured materials for separation membranes


It is the objective of COMPOSE to develop new materials with predefined physical and chemical characteristics. The membranes developed will be based on new understanding of materials phenomena, especially in the Nan orange. COMPOSE focuses on the development of novel Nan structured materials for selective transport and separation. Two classes of materials will be developed in this project: Nan structured organic/inorganic hybrid materials and functional self-organized supramolecular copolymers. Organic/inorganic hybrid materials will be developed and manufactured into membranes for the selective separation of gases and liquids. During this development, new knowledge will be gained about the behaviour of composite organic/inorganic membranes, where the inorganic phase is composed of nano-particles. Among the materials to be developed are high free volume polymers filled with in-site generated inorganic phases and mixed matrix membranes consisting of polymer and dispersed carbon molecular sieve flakes. Exceptional gas fluxes and selectivity’s are expected. Organic/inorganic hybrid membranes will also be developed for Nan filtration in organic solvents. The membranes envisaged can have enormous economic benefit for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The second route to totally new membrane materials is the self-organisation of block copolymers. Self-organisation is an important building principle of biological membranes. Building membranes by the same principle tries to imitate nature; even so the molecules used for synthetic membranes are very different from biological ones. This part of COMPOSE dealing with creating membranes by molecular self-assembly promises new paradigm in membrane technology and knowledge. Totally new membrane structures will emerge from this research opening the door to new applications. One objective is the development of a novel type of charged mosaic membrane.


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