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Mobile applications and services based on satellite and terrestrial interworking


The European satellite community is proceeding with great thrust towards the development of the innovative Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcast (SDMB) concept, which will pave the way for an effective Satellite and Terrestrial network convergence. The SDMB system aims at complementing mobile networks with broadcast and multicast capabilities for a spectrum effective delivery of multimedia services on mobile devices. Taking advantage of the natural assets of satellite systems and of the full interoperability with terrestrial standards, the SDMB system will facilitate the successful deployment of UMTS, minimise geographical discrimination and foster multimedia usage adoption inEurope, effectively bridging the digital divide. Numerous studies, lead by the European Commission (e.g. MODIS, SATIN and RELY IST FP5 projects), the European Space Agency and National space agencies have contributed to the emergence of the SDMB concept, to secure the overall feasibility of the proposed innovations, to improve regulatory opportunities and to assess the market benefits.

Starting from this strong European knowledge base, the MAESTRO Integrated Project will proceed to specify, implement and validate the critical features of an SDMB system architecture. It aims at the highest possible degree of interoperability with terrestrial infrastructures with the objective to maximise its competitive assets and the underlying business rationale. Based on a solid consortium that achieves a balanced participation of terrestrial and satellite actors, the MAESTRO project will contribute to ensure wider adoption, broader availability of 3G and beyond 3G applications and services. In this perspective, MAESTRO is a unique opportunity for satellite communications to assure their role in the Generalised Access Network infrastructure, to foster the growth of the eEconomy and to improve European citizens welfare and safety.

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