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HUMAN centred design for Information Society Technologies


Road telematics and driver assistance systems can constitute a real opportunity to support mobility and to improve road safety. Nevertheless, it is necessary to conceive them according to users' needs and requirements, in order to ensure their acceptability and to detect potential harmful effects of their widespread use. Human factors and cognitive engineering competencies exist in Europe but are scattered. For addressing this fragmentation of research capacities, HUMANIST gathers the most relevant European research institutes involved in Road Safety and Transport to contribute to the eSafety initiative and to improve road safety by promoting human centred design for IVIS and ADAS.

This integration will allow us to increase Societal Benefits of ITS implementation, to harmonise ITS approaches among State Members, to react quickly to any new technological developments and to face international challenges by producing state of the art research, identifying knowledge gaps, avoiding redundancy of research activities. The goal of HUMANIST is to create a European Virtual Centre of Excellence on HUMAN centred design for Information Society Technologies applied to Road Transport (IVIS and ADAS), with a coherent joint program of activities, gathering research, integrating and spreading activities. Integrating Activities will permit us to manage and to consolidate the NoE structure by promoting the mobility of researchers, by optimising the pool of existing experimental infrastructures, by setting up electronic tools (common database, web-conference, e-learning) for knowledge sharing.

Spreading Activities will allow us to spread widely the knowledge from HUMANIST, by organising debates with RTD projects on eSafety and relevant stakeholders, by promoting harmonisation with standardisation and pre-normative bodies, by setting up training programmes, and by promoting and disseminating research results to a wide audience. HUMANIST is sponsored and supported by ECTRI and FERSI networks.

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