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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-06-16

Language-enhanced, user adaptive, interactive eLearning for mathematics


LeActiveMath targets an innovative third generation eLearning system for high school and college or university level classrooms that can also be used in informal contexts for self-learning. It adapts to the learner and learning context and comprises personalization, tutorial dialogues, open student modelling and interactivity that is tool-supported for active and exploratory learning. The added value to previous systems is due to intelligent feedback and tutorial dialog, integrated interactive tools that understand the semantics of learning objects, pedagogically grounded elements, contexts and strategies that employ tools beneficially, reaction to the student's motivational and emotional state, advanced personalization, opportunity and scaffolding of self- guidance and learner-initiative, inspectable student model, accessible exercise repository and teacher support and free non-commercial usage.

From a more specific technological point of view, there is more added value because of a truly open architecture with one central student model, reusability of single components and tools, integration in one configurable system and innovative semantic knowledge representation and integrated tools using it. The tools and components will be motivated by pedagogical and cognitive results. In particular, the system will be learner-centred and support the learning process and the learner's initiative. The main technologies will be employed beneficially for learning at different levels of mastery and in different organizational contexts.

The content and some tools are specific for mathematics, but the technology is not restricted to mathematics. LeActiveMath will be usable by a large variety of students. However, the actual content that will be produced in the project will be calculus for high schools and first year university as well as college level (mathematics and engineering). Evaluations will also contribute to the results' sustainability.

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