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Inhalt archiviert am 2024-05-29

The Establishment of a world class European industrial alumina research facility through the transfer of knowledge from Australia and other industries


This project is concerned with transferring knowledge into Europe on the extraction process of alumina, from centres of expertise throughout the world but in particular Australia. This will be achieved by expanding the Host's knowledge and R and D capabili ties in alumina extraction chemistry and asscoiated technologies. The project will have 3 prioroty areas which will allow the knowledge gained through fundamental reasearch at laboratory scale to be initially scaled up to full plant and finally embedded in to the key operational systems. The priority areas are: Process Geochemistry; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Process Control. A number of research fellows will be recruited that have relevant research experience in the priority areas for various periods fro m 2 months to 2 years. It is planned that a number of very experienced researchers will be recruited for short periods throughout the project to provide expertise in terms of scope development, research methodology and direction, to be followed by less exp erienced researchers for longer time spans. In addition up to 7 key technical people from the host will be sent to a number of well renowned institutions world-wide for short periods for training and knowledge acquisition. A key factor in the project is th e well established partnership that is in place betwee the Host and the University of Limerick (UL). This gives access for the research fellow to a most advanced scientific and academic infrastructure. It is envisaged that the research fellows will move fr eely between the host laboratories and those of UL as the reseach programme dictates. Another important feature of this partnership is that it provides the host with advice and assistance as regards research project management.

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