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Nanoscience with Metal-Based Polymers


The proposal seeks a Marie Curie Chair for Professor Ian Manners, a Briton currently working at the University of Toronto in Canada. This is to assist the University of Bristol, UK, bring him back to a permanent position in Europe.

The proposal amply meets the objectives of the Marie Curie Chairs (EXC) programme in that Manners is a world-class researcher and an award-winning teacher of undergraduates and research students. The proposal also meets a prime objective of the Work Programme in that Manners' research is in the area of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, key activities thatFP6 seeks to promote.

The resumption of his career in Europe would be acclaimed and send a powerful signal. The proposed research programme is cutting edge. Synthetic polymers play a critical role in everyday life and their broad utility will only grow in the future. At present polymer science revolves around macromolecular chains constructed mainly from carbon atoms.

The proposed research targets the use of transition elements to make polymer chains with the vision that new processable materials will be created with arrange of properties that starts to approach that possible with inorganic solid state materials with two and three dimensional arrangements of atoms. In line with this philosophy, the proposed research focuses on an exciting new research direction -Nanoscience with Metal-Based Polymers.

With Marie Curie funding it is proposed to expand research on polymetallocenes and other metal-based polymers (e.g. metal cluster based materials) in new directions, which will involve applications in nanoscience - an area of major worldwide challenge and interest for the 21st Century.

The proposed research will involve three main projects:
- Nanoscience with Phase Separated Metal-Containing Block Copolymers in the Solid State.
- Metallopolymer and Magnetic Ceramic Colloidal Crystals for Photonic Applications.
- Swellable Metallopolymer.

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