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Application of dendrimers in medicine as new detoxication agents


The aim of the proposal is to enable the top-class young researcher from Belarus to work in a new promising branch of knowledge - on the edge of nanotechnology and medicine. It is planned that employment contract for two years will be established. The main idea of the project is studying the possibility to use dendrimers as new detoxication agents.

This is an up-to-date issue due to the enhancement of chemical pollution in our environment that increases the risk of the intoxication. Dendrimers are large globular monodisperse polymers. As a result of their unique structure (many end groups on the surface and empty internal cavities) there are attempts to use them as drug carriers.

The idea of using them as effective and specific detoxication agents is absolutely new. Toxins can be attached to end groups or incorporate inside the macromolecule. Estimation of dendrimers binding capacity and checking their influence on plasma proteins will be performed to construct detoxication dendrimers.

The host institution re presents a high scientific level and large training expertise, is the participant of well established international collaborations networks and is actively present in the dendrimer field from its very beginning. It offers also a rich programme of complementary training.

The host institution is in a possession of modern, well-equipped labs with specialised instrumentation, which respond to the needs set by the project. The training in the host institution will be beneficial for fellowship applicant due to compatibility between the project and his research interests. His previous experience will be crucial for the implementation of the project.

On the other hand, he will deepen his knowledge and increase his experience by acquaintance of new techniques. The project is within the framework of his coherent professional plans. He wants to continue the work after the returning to the mother institution.

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