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Innovation Relay Centre of Slovenia


IRC Slovenia will serve as the competent and reliable national centre for transnational technology transfer (TTT) and the promotion of innovation through support given to their clients. IRC Slovenia possesses a profound knowledge of local companies and t heir technology needs. Its main clientele are SMEs and industry with innovation potential interested in modernising their technological base, and RTD centres interested in exploiting their knowledge. All services needed to support and accomplish TTT, suc h as identifying the technology needs or offers, preparing high quality technology offers and requests, assuring immediate contacts with interested partners and providing assistance with the preparation of supporting agreements and financial schemes, etc ., will be provided, individually tailored to each IRC client. IRC Slovenia will be an active member of the IRC network and ensure wide diffusion of information. In order to accomplish its mission, it will look intensively for synergistic effects with ot her key public and private players in Slovenia that work with companies for their technological modernisation and innovation. Special attention will be given to cooperation with the Regional Innovation Transfer of Technology Strategy of Slovenia (SLORIT TS) team. It will link also with other European networks and organisations dealing with company support. In the period following accession to EU (1st May 2004) IRC Slovenia will also support the proposers of structural and cohesion projects with EU partn ers in TTT. Last, but not least, the IRC Slovenia team will continue its effort for the establishment of a National System of Innovation, especially for the establishment of national funds for TTT.

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