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Contenido archivado el 2024-05-29

Generic open link-layer API for unified Media Access


The GOLLUM project aims at studying and creating key parts of an embedded, open, operating system independent link-layer API to unify the various methods for accessing different wired and especially wireless links. The aim is to remedy the current, very difficult situation where a separate programming interface exists for almost every wireless technology. The existence of such an API and corresponding middleware would greatly improve interoperability between various technologies. It would enable better portability of applications between devices using different, usually wireless, communication interfaces. The GOLLUM API is aimed to simplify the wireless access programming as seen by programmers, and same time providing more flexibility and new features for innovative application.

This would potentially enable operators and software vendors to provide new kinds of services and greatly enhance the user experience. Applications could properly adapt to changes in the network connection, allowing for smart applications to be developed. An API of this type is also a building block for middleware and embedded systems for intelligent, networked devices. The project will provide not an openly available API specification, but also is doing practical, partial prototype implementations on various commercially viable technologies and different operating systems.

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